LLC «EUV-Labs»

The company "EUV-Labs" created in cooperation with the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP) RUSNANO. Specialization of the company - optical technologies - nanodiagnostics, metrology, nanolithography, the creation of high-brightness EUV source (EUV - Extreme UltraViolet, deep ultraviolet light or hard).


Company RnD-M is established to develop computational models of complex physical processes, numerical modeling, software development and analysis of large amounts of experimental data.

LLC «Troitsk research and development center»

The company «TRDC» is established to develop and manufacture systems and components for scientific research, analytical laboratories, electronics with close attention to organization of manufacturing and sales of scientific equipment.

LLC «RnD-Xmetr»

X-Metr LLC is focusing on design, development and manufacturing of specialized diagnostics equipment. Primary focus is currently on EUV and X-ray spectral regions.