RnD-ISAN develops and manufactures a wide range of scientific equipment (detectors and spectrometers) for recording X-rays and short-wave ultraviolet radiation.

A unique feature of these universal tools is the possibility of the absolute calibration that provides characterization and metrology of different plasma sources. The units have spectral measurements with the spatial and temporal resolution and are widely used for the diagnosis and measurement of the absolute intensity of the laser plasma, including a femtosecond laser plasma, z-pinch plasma including high-power Z-pinch plasmas, capillary discharge plasma sources of EUV lithography. The devices can be successfully used in fluorescent and structural analysis.

Detectors based on micro channel plates

RnD ISAN develops and produces detectors based on micro channel plates (MCP) for imaging of pulsed plasma sources in X-ray and VUV spectral ranges. Various types of these fast detectors have 5 – 25 ns time resolution and are gated by the electrical pulses with the amplitudes of 4-6 kV. Electrical pulses with needed time delay are formed by a special generator.

X-Ray Crystal Spectrometer LPS-X

Focusing geometry - very high detection efficiency;
Сompact device with integrated alignment unit;
CCD or MCP readout;
Absolute calibration of efficiency, with CCD detector;
Time resolution up to 1 ns, with MCP detector;
Resolution: λ/δλ = 100-600.

Grazing incidence VUV spectrometer AGS

A compact spectrometer with an average spectral resolution λ / δλ ~ 100, designed to measure the emission spectrum of vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) or soft X-ray (MR) radiation in the wavelength range 1-300 nm.

XWS broadband laser plasma light source

XWS technology is applied to develop novel light sources that use laser a driver for the plasmas to generate “white” light, which is brighter and more stable than that generated by short-arc high pressure lamps. No wear of electrodes significantly increases lifetime of such a source.

A Compact Centrifugal Pump for Transmitting Molten Metals and Other Liquids with an Operating Temperature

The pump is successfully used in the high-power electric-discharge EUV source (λ = 13.5 nm), and, by means of it, liquid tin is pumped over the closed contour, and high-speed (up to 15 m/s) liquid tin jets used as electrodes with an unbounded service life are produced. The design of the magnetic coupling of the pump and the design of the pump itself were patented.