Grazing incidence VUV EUV spectrometer AGS

A compact spectrometer with an average spectral resolution λ / δλ ~ 50, designed to measure the emission spectrum of vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) or soft X-ray (MR) radiation in the wavelength range 3-200 nm. A distinctive feature of AGS – as the dispersing element is used  a grazing incidence amplitude grating. It is a compact tool for the detection of photon flux at photon energies ranging from 6eV to 210eV. The absolute intensity and spectral calibration allows the determination of the UV photon number emitted by  sources.

Spectral range: 3 – 200 nm;

Resolution: λ/δλ = 50;

Grazing angle: 2-6 deg;

Slit width: 80um (by default), can be changed upon request;

Grating: TGZ-2 (NT-MDT©), working area 3x3mm.

AGS spectra of heavy elements in laser produced plasma
Residual 3-rd order in Li spectrum