Microchannel Plate Imaging Detector
Microchannel Plate Imaging Detector

RnD ISAN develops and produces detectors based on micro channel plates (MCP) for imaging of pulsed plasma sources in X-ray and VUV spectral ranges. Various types of these fast detectors have 5 – 25 ns time resolution and are gated by the electrical pulses with the amplitudes of 4-6 kV. Electrical pulses with needed time delay are formed by a special generator.

Microchannel Plate Imaging plasma Detector with Time Resolved

Detectors consist of a single MCP plate and a phosphor screen mounted on a metal housing. The phosphor screen is deposited on a fiber optic or glass plate which serves also as a vacuum window. The image from the phosphor screen can be recorded using a photographic film or a digital camera.



The standard configurations of the MCP have a plate diameter of 46 mm or 56 mm with open channels with diameters of 12 or 15 μm. Its working surface can be divided into 4 sectors or several stripes for getting frames of plasma images or spectra with time resolution.

Channel diameter Channel to channel distance Phosphor type Fiber optic channel diameter Fiber optic channel to channel distance
12 μм 15 μм ZnS(Cu) λ=520 nм 5 μм 8 μм


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