vuv qff

The VUV-QFF spectrometer has a wide VUV range of 5 to 150 nm using a set of three gratings.

A custom off-Rowland optical scheme provides high resolution across the whole range, which makes the spectrometer a powerful measurement tool  indispensable for high resolution spectrum measurements in the extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray range.

Custom optical scheme provides flat field image in the registration plane, which is essential for the usage of CCD type detectors.

High linear dispersion allows efficient use of MCP detector for nanosecond time-resolved spectral measurements.

Customizable according to user requirements:

  • Combination with different types of detectors
  • Balance optimization between the spectral resolution and spectral range
  • Integration into the customer experiment design, including LabView interface
  • Possibility of modification for HHG measurement

Spectral range: 5 – 150 nm;

Resolution: λ/δλ up to 500;

Entrance Slit : 10um X 20 mm, can be changed upon request;

Grating: set of 3 spherical gratings;

Detector: CCD/MCP;

Dimensions: 540 x 127 x 120mm

Argon plasma spectra