broadband high brightness source XWS

XWS technology is applied to develop novel light sources that use laser a driver for the plasmas to generate “white” light, which is brighter and more stable than that generated by short-arc high pressure lamps. No wear of electrodes significantly increases lifetime of such a source.

In XWS sources light is produced by plasma which emits light due to the continuous energy input from a laser (optical discharge). These light sources have been developed as a replacement of traditional gas discharge lamps (Deuterium-, Tungsten-, Xenon- lamps etc.) and LEDs. Compared to these, XWS sources have a wider spectral range and higher spectral brightness. Moreover, the technology of plasma light sources allows developing units with specific characteristics which match special customer applications.

XWS spectrum UV VIS


  • modifying the spectral range from UV from 180 nm to 2500 nm;
  • spectral range for modifying Ozone-Free: from 240 to 2500 nm;
  • spectral brightness (450-500 nm) of 34 mW / (mm 2 × cp × nm);
  • the power of the pump laser 65 W;
  • the total power of the radiation source 40 W;
  • the size of the emitting body source: 250 × 400 micrometers;
  • Working time: more than 10,000 hours;
  • temporal and spatial stability: standard deviation of 0.25%;
  • Wednesday in the lamp: Xenon;
  • radiator size: 130 × 110 × 74 mm;
  • the size of the control unit: 351 × 172 × 232 mm;
  • diameter of the outlet aperture (as standard): 24 mm;
  • connector C-Mount lenses for connection;
  • input laser light through the fiber;
  • Optional output of light through the fiber;
  • the length of the connection of the radiator and the controller: 1.5 m.