Company RnD-ISAN - a private company specializes in research, development and manufacture of high-tech innovative products. The key activities of the company focused on interdisciplinary applications of plasma physics, spectroscopy (atomic and molecular), innovative plasma and laser radiation sources, radiation-matter interaction, technology development and instrumentation. The company's specialists have long, more than 10 years experience working with companies such as ASML and Philips, the agency SEMATECH. Scientific and technical potential is supported by both its own research activities and links with the world scientific centers.

Commercialization of research is carried out through subsidiaries, "EUV-Labs," "Troitsk Research and Development Center", "RnD-M", "RnD-Xmetr". Each of these companies has its own profile line of work. (Affiliated companies). Overseas our company presents the company ISTEQ - subsidiary company "EUV-Labs".

The results of the experts of the company are embodied in instruments and technical devices are protected by several dozen international patents. We are always happy to take both the volume and interesting tasks, bringing their solutions to the commercial result and for the development and optimization of specific technical solutions.

Group of companies "RnD-ISAN / EUV Labs" is engaged in research and development in the field of optics and spectroscopy. The main focus of the company is research and development in the field of extreme EUV radiation, plasma physics and related fields of physics.
The company "RnD-ISAN" provides services for research development in the field of modern high technology. The company's staff has extensive experimental and theoretical experience in research and development in many areas of modern physics and engineering.
The company "RnD-ISAN" develops and manufactures a wide range of scientific equipment (detectors and spectrometers) for recording X-rays and short-wave ultraviolet radiation.