LLC “RnD-ISAN” – an independent company operating in the field of high technologies. The company established a group of experts in the field of new sources of radiation in the ultraviolet wavelength range for research and development, creation of products and their subsequent commercialization. Currently, the company has expanded the scope of activity. It includes research in the field of interdisciplinary applications of plasma physics, optical and X-ray spectroscopy, radiation sources and the physics of discharges in gases.

The company successfully combines long experience of experimental practice in various areas of physics and numerical modeling of physical processes, and application of the results to the solution of practical problems. This is one of the key advantages of the company.

Our company relies on the use of modern plasma technology research and industry. Our interests of the processes associated with the plasma, plasma chemistry, radiation sources for EUV lithography (the next generation of lithography or Next-Generation Lithography) and optical nanodiagnostics.

Developed in our company approaches to the development of EUV radiation sources are the basis of devices intended for use by the most advanced lithographic devices. Employees of the company created dozens of designs, which take the form of patents in Europe, the US, Japan and other countries.

The development of practical guidelines outlined in subsidiaries and currently RnD-ISAN group includes companies RnD-M, RnD-Xmetr.

RnD-ISAN is the initiator and co-founder of Skolkovo resident LLC “EUV Labs.” In the interests of a wide range of related issues, the most rapid response to market demands high technology. This design, production and sales of scientific instruments and other high-tech devices such as spectrometers, light sources, detectors for various ranges of the electromagnetic radiation.

We are open to cooperation and are actively working in the field of contract research and development business based on intellectual property in various fields of modern science and industry.