RnD-M, the modeling division and a subsidiary of RnD-ISAN, provides services of virtual product testing and optimization through computer simulations. Academic background of our staff and years of experience guarantees our excellence in the development of computer models required for the precise description of complex products and systems. We model such systems and products to provide a customer with detailed information about its performance and to indicate possible options for the optimization.

We are a motivated and creative research consulting company. Our way of work relies on the combination of multi-physics multi-scale models and high-performance computing. Our main competences are high-temperature and low-temperature plasmas, computational fluid dynamics, optics and atomic physics.

Developments in the field of radiation sources

One of the main directions in the field of research and development is the development of radiation sources. This plasma and laser light sources.

Plasma radiation sources - is innovative radiation sources on the basis of the plasma initiated in various ways. The main focus of development in the field of plasma initiated by laser radiation (LPP) and the electric discharge (DPP). There is experience in the development of devices based on the pinch effect (Z-pinch), other effects. Some previously developed technologies for registered contracts successfully commercialized.

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Modeling and software development

Mathematical modeling is now a mandatory component in research and development. The subsidiary company "RnD-M" carried out the development of unique software for numerical simulation of the processes occurring in the plasma, the interaction of laser radiation with matter, etc.

Companies RnD-ISAN and RnD-M provide services for the numerical simulation of processes in the form of access to the software on the model of SaaS (Software as a Service).

We can offer services for the development of unique software for the modeling of physical processes and services in support of already created our software during the calculations.

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Developments in the field of spectroscopy and microscopy

One of the main developments in the area are the advanced optical spectroscopy and microscopy. Accumulated experience in the development of specialized spectrometers for the range of soft X-ray to infrared radiation. One of the key areas - extreme ultraviolet (EUV).

Developments include the development of spectrometers and spectrographs, integration with detectors and radiation sources, microscopy techniques (for example, specialized microscopy in a dark field microscopy, and "light sheet").

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Research and development in the field of various physical processes

Among RnD-ISAN has gained significant experience in research and development in the field of various physical processes. This experimental and theoretical developments in the field of plasma physics, the interaction of radiation with matter, spectral studies of various processes.

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