Services for CFD (Computational fluid dynamics, CFD). The main specialization of modeling of processes in plasma.

Module PGI (Plasma Gas Interaction) is designed to simulate the interaction of plasma gases. It is necessary for the radiation behavior of plasma produced in the different composition of the gaseous medium. The main direction of modeling – determining flow characteristics at the boundary of the plasma and its surrounding gas. Additionally possible simulation of the behavior of the plasma in contact with the substance in other states of aggregation (solid and liquid).

Module RGP (Radiation Generation Plasma) is designed to determine the hydrodynamic characteristics of the plasma produced by the action of extreme ultraviolet and soft X-rays. This “secondary” plasma formed in a variety of industrial and research facilities (for example, in EUV lithography) and influence the design elements settings.

Module CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is designed to solve various problems in the field of computational fluid dynamics. For example, the interaction of liquid metal droplets in vacuo to structural elements of devices, etc.

PGI and RGP modules available to users through a web interface. Access to the module CFD requires coordination tasks.

As a result, the user receives a basic simulation of flow characteristics in the system.

On request it is possible to develop additional modules for modeling or simulation of the other parameters of interaction in the emerging and existing devices.

In the absence of any input parameters at the customer company RnD-ISAN provides services for research in this area and getting the missing parameters experimentally.