Company RnD-ISAN provides services for the development of laser systems. This refers to research and development in the field of gas, excimer and solid state lasers, systems based on semiconductor laser with characteristics different from the commercially available at present.

In general, the services for the development of laser systems can be claimed if necessary the creation of lasers with certain wavelengths, high power, and the desired characteristics of the radiation pulse duration, complex laser systems (eg multi-pass systems for laser spectroscopy, etc.).

Due to the diversity of structures and the complexity of lasers and laser systems development requires careful planning. You can select:

– A thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements to the system being developed;

– The choice of technology, analysis of competing solutions;

– Development of the design of the laser;

– Development of laboratory benches for testing the major decisions;

– The development of a prototype laser or laser system;

– The development of electronics and software;

– The release of the laser as a product;

– Supervision in the formulation of production.