Company RnD-ISAN provides services for the development of plasma radiation sources.

The light emitting plasma sources plasma obtained in various ways. Our company specializes in the development of plasma radiation sources in which the plasma initiates and / or supports the laser radiation (LPP) or electrical discharges (DPP). There is experience in the development of devices based on other physical effects (eg, based on the pinch effect or a Z-pinch).

Plasma sources of radiation with laser-pumped belong to one of the most promising areas of specialty light sources. These sources emit in the range from soft x-ray to infrared. For different ranges of radiation using a plasma based on different items.

Research and development of radiation sources in the plasma supported by an electric discharge, are now actively underway in the extreme ultraviolet and soft X-rays.

Among the current directions of our research and development are two basic. It is the creation of radiation sources for the range from the ultraviolet to the infrared radiation on the basis of plasma of noble gases and radiation sources for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) plasma-derived metals.

All research and development in this area may be accompanied by engineering development and mathematical modeling processes.
Plasma sources pumped by laser ranging from the ultraviolet to the infrared radiation

Our company has developed a technology of plasma sources of radiation with laser-pumped XWS. The basis of this technology is incorporated into the phenomenon of optical discharge plasma by laser radiation. For light, breathable, noble gas plasma is used (for example xenon). Compared to conventional arc, deuterium, mercury vapor lamps and LEDs, light sources XWS have high spectral brightness, wide spectral range, a high spatial and temporal stability, long-term work.

In addition to modification of the product technology XWS (link), we offer the development of solutions to the needs of the customer.

Such design can include increasing or decreasing the power of the radiation source, a specialized design for the integration of devices and the client process, the change of spectral characteristics of the radiation sources.
Plasma sources for soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet radiation

Research and development in the field of extreme ultraviolet radiation, and processes based on it (lithography, metrology, etc.) are impossible without radiation sources for this region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

We offer research and development to establish and improve plasma radiation sources pumped by a laser or electric discharge. This radiation sources in which the plasma may be produced during laser or electric discharge droplets or jets of the metal surface of the metal, etc.

The experience of our company’s experimental and theoretical experience allows the development of the work of such sources of radiation, the formation of basic design solutions, technology transfer for the implementation of commercial installations.

The main area of ​​work is currently creating radiation sources based on technology of laser pumping plasma.