Companies RnD-ISAN and RnD-M provide services for the numerical simulation of processes in the form of access to the software on the model of SaaS (Software as a Service).

The user is given access to the software. The process of modeling is carried out on the computational power of the company and the partners (supercomputing). The company planned modernization provides software, provides technical support and consulting services.

The interface is cross-platform access (web interface).

If necessary, possible interaction with the company's departments involved in experimental and theoretical studies.

Currently, this model provides access to the following software products:

iProc - service for image processing with point light sources ...

THERMO-BEELINE - support for calculations of optical and radiation (emitting) characteristics of plasma ...

For specialized tasks of RnD-ISAN and RnD-M provide services to software development.

Software development includes the formulation and refinement of objectives, the creation of a mathematical model and algorithm of calculation, selection of the necessary solutions for product creation, testing, error correction and subsequent technical support.